Apache vs Nginx | Internet Internet hosting Discuss

Nginx will in all probability be sooner. It is a bit lighter. Nevertheless it’s essential to grasp that every thing comes with a price.Velocity might be gained on the expense of comfort.For instance, Nginx does not assist or learn .htaccess recordsdata. Which that by itself might be a substantial velocity achieve versus Apache. With Apache, each request the web server has to test for a .htaccess file inside that request’s path and see if something is relevant. Nginx does not do that, all configurations are learn from the primary server’s configuration file. In case your customers have any web server management information of their .htaccess file, then this will likely be ignore with nginx.I’d not encourage switching to another web server on a whim. I’d encourage investigating the variations between the web servers and the way altering to a distinct one will have an effect on every thing else on the server.

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