Are there any VPS suppliers who provide a wide range of x64 CPU varieties?

I am a software program developer who may gain advantage from having the ability to check my code on a number of CPU architectures.

Particularly, on CPUs or vCPUs with and with out AVX, AVX2, and AVX512F.

I do know that digital hosts usually masks some CPU capabilities that the host {hardware} would possibly provide, so I do not know if digital hosting or devoted hosting can be the only option for one of these job. In the meanwhile I’m solely creating and testing Linux CLI software program compiled and/or assembled with GCC by way of SSH. The server would solely strictly must run after I’m logged into it issuing instructions. It will not must host any community companies, excessive availability and scalability wouldn’t be of use to me, and so long as I can benchmark code that I write alongside management code on the identical CPU then precise uncooked CPU velocity additionally doesn’t matter. Monthly or per-minute pricing each work for me, esp. since any given server would solely must run after I’m really interacting with it. The power to reboot a single VM onto completely different CPUs would assist lots, in order that I would not must create a bunch of similar VMs. My price range is, at the least initially, “does an providing like this even exist wtfbbq?!”I simply wanna function check and efficiency check software program that I write on a wide range of completely different CPUs with out having to buy a dozen U’s of iron to stack in my bed room. :JWhat is a few good recommendation to proceed on this search?Thank ye!

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