Are there different acts much like the DMCA Act ?

Initially Posted by irexta

Some international locations in Japanese Europe have allowed people to host illegally stolen knowledge of their knowledge facilities. For instance, they illegally host pirated software program, MP3, films, and many others. in Japanese Europe. So far as I do know, the governments of these international locations don’t implement the legislation towards individuals who commit such violations. This can be a very disgusting scenario. I need to learn about different insurance policies around the globe much like DMCA Act. This can be a subject that needs to be extensively mentioned.

You will must search for the legal guidelines of the land the place the supplier is predicated. If there’s a process so that you can observe to submit claims in that location you may must observe that process.Some international locations don’t care about copyright though many do. So far as I do know, and take note I am not a copyright lawyer and this isn’t authorized recommendation, the one place a DMCA is legitimate is the USA. Anybody else honoring such a report is doing you a favor.

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