Assist! For the veterans right here: what template for a one off price providers existed circa 2002?

Howdy,I do know that is bizarre however let me clarify. Someplace in August 2002 I used to be beginning providing web hosting (we had a dreadful website at first). Late 2002 I’ve bought a pack of web templates from a templates web site and rebuilt our firm website. That website that I’ve rebuilt primarily based on a template in late 2002 has been form of deserted after a few years (we acquired a distinct firm model, area and web site) but it surely remained on-line. Now (as in right this moment, 20+ years later) we acquired a mail from a “firm” (Masterfile, a division of Design Pics Inc) that we’ve got been utilizing a picture (a picture that was a part of the template) with out the precise to take action and we’ve got to pay a 4 determine sum as settlement. Sadly now, 20+ years later, I can not bear in mind/discover out from the place we purchased that template bundle (if I can discover out what the service was, perhaps I can discover the template on WayBackMachine and go from there).Can anybody bear in mind what providers supplied a big templates pack in late 2002 for a one off price? I believe it was like 60 bucks perhaps and it contained like a whole lot or hundreds of templates.Thanks upfront!

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