Assist two straightforward programming resolution

Hallo everyone,

I’m simply an passion VPS’ler. I’m working some rented Servers right here. For automatation motive I attempt to discover a resolution for me.
Please assist me out.

First is I would like automate replace script the firewall ufw. Because of this I’m caught with the port of wireguard.

I would like mix two linux command. I dont know the way

command wg present | grep port
output is
listening port: 50 #the port is totally different in each of my VPS.

hope the get the command
ufw enable 50

Second is prolong quite common github wireguard script

After first configuration i would like create 10 consumer with one command or one bash script.

I’ve attempt
wget -O && bash -1 -13 -3
however it’s not actually working.

Please excuse my straightforward query, however as mechanical engineer. I’m not fairly expert within the IT. Google or different Investigation I couldn’t discover a resolution.

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