Choices for redirecting e-mail for a website

Simply to make clear, I’m not ‘taking part in a recreation’, ‘turning something on you’, ‘insinuating something’, or ‘making out you deserve something’. I am additionally not attempting to invade your privateness.Neither am I biased, or a reseller. Sure I run a hosting firm, however it’s in a distinct a part of the world to you, we don’t promote or resell domains and we run our personal companies and do not resell others. You requested a query on a public discussion board. I wished to be as useful as potential, and it’s a lot simpler to present recommendation about particular issues with particular particulars, on this case I feel I (and others) would be capable to provide higher options with the data that I requested about.I do not imagine that I requested something that was overly non-public (I intentionally averted asking which firm you have been having the problem with), however I additionally didn’t ask something irrelevant so far as I can see, and I did not provide something hypothetical. I am sorry that you do not really feel as if anybody is attempting to be useful, however I can guarantee you that I really was. I genuinely want you good luck with discovering an answer, however really feel that I’m clearly not the fitting individual to attempt to provide additional recommendation.

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