Does anybody have dependable, steady TCP over IPv6 on their OVH VPS within the UK?

A scenario that I’ve solely simply come throughout, it could be on VPSs outdoors the UK however I solely have UK based mostly ones to go by.

I’ve a VPS in OVH’s UK London knowledge heart.
I’ve a VPS in one other VPS supplier’s UK knowledge heart, BrightBox on this occasion (nevertheless it’s affecting different VPSs I’ve with different suppliers too and different UK ISPs).

When making an attempt to attach from the BrightBox VPS to OVH VPS utilizing http/https or SSH over IPv6 it is unreliable, generally it goes by immediately, generally there is a delay, generally it timeouts utterly. If utilizing IPv4 there aren’t any points.

On the OVH VPS I’ve IPv6 connectivity, I can ping6 and may make TCP connections to numerous web sites like google and so forth, apt will join okay. If I attempt to connect with the BrightBox VPS over IPv6 then I get the timeouts, delayed connection, or generally it goes by immediately. Once more utilizing IPv4 there aren’t any points.

An mtr hint reveals packet loss across the begin (or finish when reversing path) of the OVH routers, solely on IPv6, IPv4 reveals none.

Utilizing the OVH trying glass to traceroute to my OVH VPS, I do not see any packet loss on both IPv6 or IPv4.

Pings bewteen the VPSs all the time undergo, they by no means decelerate or timeout, it solely appears to be TCP site visitors that displays the issue.

I’ve no points connecting different VPS to different VPS, e.g. BrightBox to Bytemark over IPv6, the widespread denominator are the OVH VPSs.

OVH help inform me they haven’t any points, it is my fault and I have never configured my server accurately, regardless that the problem is current when the VPS is in rescue mode. I’ve a number of OVH VPSs they usually all exhibit the issue. IPv6 is configured to their information utilizing the settings from the management panel.

So is it me or is anybody else experiencing the identical?

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