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ONE MONTH REVIEWI’ve been with INCX.internet for one month for colocation. We determined to offer them a attempt with a single server, testing the waters. What gave us pause is that after I was in search of references for them, I could not discover something on WHT. So I believed I would go forward and publish to be the primary in order that another person finds this thread sooner or later once they wish to colocate a server with them and need to discover a reference.Preliminary setup was excellent. They dealt with free racking of my gear at their datacenter, despatched me pictures of my gear because it arrived, after which once more because it was racked. And their techs reinstalled our OS and stuck a networking challenge that was not their duty to repair, however was a misconfiguration from my vendor. They did at the very least 4 hours of free work and did not invoice me to get us up and operating, so I am very grateful for the assistance. I really feel I am in superb arms and that we’ll be supported when/if one thing goes fallacious.As for the pace, I am paying for a devoted 1gbps port in Michigan. Listed here are speedtest outcomes to totally different factors within the USA over their community, so you can also make up your individual thoughts concerning the pace relying on what location you might be in search of. I did not check any Europe places, as a result of I haven’t got European clients:
## USA Speedtest.internet

Location Add Obtain Ping
Close by 897.31 Mbit/s 890.67 Mbit/s 5.347 ms
USA, New York (Optimum) 621.18 Mbit/s 813.64 Mbit/s 18.285 ms
USA, Boston (Starry, Inc.) 534.76 Mbit/s 486.93 Mbit/s 21.629 ms
USA, Washington, DC (Dash) 501.68 Mbit/s 598.74 Mbit/s 20.481 ms
USA, Charlotte, NC (Windstream) 481.51 Mbit/s 546.82 Mbit/s 32.379 ms
USA, Atlanta (Cox) 462.06 Mbit/s 635.16 Mbit/s 28.091 ms
USA, Miami (Dash) 456.11 Mbit/s 435.35 Mbit/s 34.795 ms
USA, Nashville (Dash) 369.62 Mbit/s 647.90 Mbit/s 20.160 ms
USA, Indianapolis (Metronet) 744.74 Mbit/s 884.02 Mbit/s 11.751 ms
USA, Cleveland (CenturyLink) 561.74 Mbit/s 395.84 Mbit/s 16.020 ms
USA, Chicago (Windstream) 734.86 Mbit/s 898.99 Mbit/s 7.050 ms
USA, St. Louis (Elite Fiber) 369.75 Mbit/s 877.33 Mbit/s 13.259 ms
USA, Minneapolis (US Web) 639.00 Mbit/s 888.45 Mbit/s 14.580 ms
USA, Kansas Metropolis (UPNfiber) 570.36 Mbit/s 721.21 Mbit/s 20.117 ms
USA, Oklahoma Metropolis (OneNet) 501.13 Mbit/s 670.84 Mbit/s 32.774 ms
USA, Dallas (Windstream) 501.14 Mbit/s 714.04 Mbit/s 28.479 ms
USA, San Antonio, TX (Dash) 489.01 Mbit/s 546.52 Mbit/s 30.820 ms
USA, Denver (Vistabeam) 481.06 Mbit/s 558.47 Mbit/s 28.761 ms
USA, Albuquerque (Plateau Tel) 338.41 Mbit/s 625.73 Mbit/s 43.386 ms
USA, Phoenix (Cox) 260.89 Mbit/s 386.52 Mbit/s 75.364 ms
USA, Salt Lake Metropolis (UTOPIA) 366.15 Mbit/s 471.47 Mbit/s 39.636 ms
USA, Helena, MT (The Fusion) 443.82 Mbit/s 739.38 Mbit/s 35.576 ms
USA, Las Vegas (Cox) 249.47 Mbit/s 488.91 Mbit/s 75.486 ms
USA, Seattle (Bluespan) 319.39 Mbit/s 465.38 Mbit/s 51.346 ms
USA, San Francisco (Wiline) 174.42 Mbit/s 426.96 Mbit/s 53.424 ms
USA, Los Angeles (Windstream) 314.79 Mbit/s 450.98 Mbit/s 57.946 ms
USA, Anchorage (Alaska Com) 195.24 Mbit/s 289.53 Mbit/s 80.114 ms
USA, Honolulu (Hawaiian Telcom) 203.30 Mbit/s 353.60 Mbit/s 97.834 ms

Timestamp : 2022-04-23 01:51:56 GMT
I’ll reply to this thread sooner or later and replace with additional information as I proceed hosting with them. To date so good, I solely have good issues to say. I hope this has been useful for anybody contemplating doing enterprise with them.

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