Gutenberg on a badly constructed WordPress website may be very sluggish

I host a website with TONS of blocks and containers utilizing Stackable. When inspecting the ultimate HTML, it seems fucking horrible. It is so long as a US courtroom doc.

Each textual content block has like a 1 KM lengthy stack of lessons for every part lol.

It is not constructed with lightness in thoughts, each by the plugin in addition to by me as a person of the block builder.

I’d redo it however I do not really feel prefer it.

My concern is: Gutenberg lags like fucking hell. It is extreeeemely annoying.

It lags like a bit ALL of the time, and typically freezes, goes for any web browser.

I’ve bought a 16 GB RAM MacBook Professional M2 so it is a actually beefy laptop, and my exercise monitor, when It is lagging, it is often in excessive utilization (CPU & Reminiscence), however often not even near peaking. Safari is lighter on it, however I really feel prefer it’s as a result of it is caching much less (if I tab to a different website and tab again to the Gutenberg editor it is hell).

Aside from rebuilding the entire thing and doing it proper, do you might have any suggestion for me?

COULD there be anyway that the server is guilty? I host all of it on a really small server with a weak CPU, and I observed that autosaving was the actual theif, it was simply not workable, it saved each 60 seconds, and whereas saving, no work could possibly be carried out for like 20 seconds.

Nonetheless, nonetheless, after turning it off, it isn’t snappy in any respect, and infrequently assaults me with lag spikes.

I principally simply need any suggestions I might get aside type rebuilding it, which in all probability is the perfect tip.

Additionally, the server’s utilization may be very excessive (not lots of wiggle room), but when that may’t must do with the lagging within Gutenberg I do not care truthfully.

When autosaving was enabled, it lags sufficient to make Chrome suppose the facet has stopped responding, when it is disabled, it lags quite a bit nonetheless however not that a lot. No warnings anymore.

Why it won’t be the pc: As mentioned, the utilization on my Macbook usually is not at peak ranges on both CPU or RAM when it lags, and if I tab to a different tab with like a 4K YouTube video or one thing, it dosen’t lag in any respect, even with the lagging Gutenberg within the background.

Why it is perhaps the pc: I’ve a M1 (as a substitute of this M2) that is an Air (as a substitute of this Professional) that has 8 GB RAM (as a substitute of this 16 GB RAM) and it lags MUCH extra.

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