How I can create a Shell File on Ubuntu and Do duties routinely

Hi there I need to Create a Shell File on Ubuntu and run duties which might be added to the Shell file routinely on a particular date.Now I do that manually for instance : run ./ on ubuntu SSH choices opened I Enter instance 7 , and opened one other menu possibility I choose 1 so as to add a consumer, This supply now request a customized consumer title and for instance, I Entered “Jon” after this, the person creating completed and this supply has this person Now if I run once more ./ and choose 7 and choose 2 on the submenu, the person can be deactivated! I Do all these steps manually!Now I need to create a shell file that does these duties routinely, for instance, I create and insert instructions that do these duties,and I set on crontab that this file run after 1 month, or a particular date to routinely disable this person on a particular date that I set on file !how can do that and the way create and what command ought to use on and the way set Run this file on a particular date? thanks

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