How one can set up OS on SSD in Hetzner installimage ?

Hello,I’ve received a server from Hetzner which has following 3 drives in complete :2 x 2 TB HDD
1 x 1 TB SSD.By default their robotic system installs OS on HDD and in RAID setup.
I do not need to do this, so that they steered that I take advantage of installimage to do a customized set up.Once I login to rescue mode to do the installimage, I get HDD and SSD like following:DRIVE1 /sda (HDD)
DRIVE2 /sdb (HDD)
DRIVE3 /sdc (SSD)As I need to set up OS on SSD, i remark out each DRIVE1 and DRIVE2 and alter DRIVE3 to DRIVE1 and hold /sdc as is, I additionally set RAID to 0 to disable it however regardless of doing all that, the installimage nonetheless installs on /sda and after I do df -h command the OS is put in on HDD and reveals 1.8 TB and SSD is empty.I attempted many alternative methods and in addition tried altering /sdc to /sda however to no avail. Hetzner’s assist restricted replies are of no assist in any respect.Can anybody please assist me set up the OS on ssd ?Thanks upfront.

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