How you can allow Efficiency mode on Ubuntu 20.04?


I purchased a brand new AX51-NVME devoted server from Hetzner that comes with CPU AMD 3700X and when operating “cpufreq-info” it says CPU governor mode is ready to “Ondemand”.

After some studying, I observe the directions at: to vary the CPU governor mode to “Efficiency”, so as to enhance my server velocity by having all the time the “full cpu energy”.

So I set my CPU to efficiency mode, by merely operating the command:
sudo bash -c ‘for i in {0..15}; do cpufreq-set -c $i -g efficiency; carried out’

All appears high quality and since I’m utilizing hetrixtools to watch the server, the CPU Velocity is now all the time very excessive (greater than 3500Mhz), when earlier than I noticed many instances at 2000Mhz.

My first query, is that if efficiency mode will actually deliver extra velocity than ondemand mode, by having the CPU all the time set to make use of max energy, right?

My second query, is make efficiency mode default even after a server reboot. In the mean time after each reboot, governor mode goes again to ondemand.


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