Incoming Mastodon Lawsuit, To Battle or Run?

I discovered about “Mastodon” from @Jar who runs a really massive free speech “Mastodon” server. I have been working Mastodon for about 1 12 months & simply upgraded my software program to Pleroma/Elixir due to inherent weaknesses in Ruby that powers Mastodon.

Solely downside is that the creator & CEO of “Mastodon,” Eugen Rochko/@Gargron observed my “” server had switched to Pleroma & he is personal messaged me his intent on authorized motion except I abandon my area. See our again & forth right here:

That is going to get costly however I will rent an lawyer & combat this as a result of:
1) It is not proper that somebody can inform you what software program it’s essential to run in your area which I do not cost customers or earn money from.
2) I’ve a bunch of Logos so I shortly seemed up that Eugen Rochko was bluffing & would not have a US Trademark on “Mastodon.” He has a German Trademark which carries no weight within the USA.
3) To be infringing I might have needed to create a competing software program, name it “Mastodon” & be earning money from it.

Subsequently I am promoting my belongings to fund my authorized charges together with If you happen to assume I will lose & ought to run, please let me know why?

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