ISP/Community admin appears to be altering my DNS requests

Kinda associated to this:

I am attempting to bypass a blocking on my native community. Thus far I’ve setup Shadowsocks + V2Ray following this, bought a site and handed the visitors by means of Cloudflare, and had my area unblocked from the blocking software program by pretending to host a Academic website (Fortiguard is used for blocking). Even in spite of everything this, SS+V2Ray does not work on this community.

On additional inspection, I seen that the IP handle of my area was being modified after I would ship a ping request. The requests could be going to as an alternative of a Cloudflare server. nslookup all the time appears to fail with no response though it stories the server as or (or respective IPv6). nslookup would even fail for

I am assuming they’re monitoring and blocking DNS requests and altering them. DNS over HTTPS could be an answer to this, however WIndows 10 does not appear to help it.

What choices do I’ve to get this working?

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