Mail despatched with curl fails DKIM

While testing a bash script I am writing that sends notification emails by way of MXRoute SMTP utilizing simply curl, I observed that DKIM is failing. I am receiving the e-mail with no points, and SPF is passing.

“Common” emails aren’t failing.

The one factor I’ve observed within the headers is:
X-ACL-Warn: Including Message-ID header as a result of it’s lacking!

Am I overlooking something?

smtpBody=”Testing e-mail from script”

curl –url smtps://$smtpHost:$smtpPort –ssl-reqd
–mail-from $fromAddress
–mail-rcpt $toAddress
–user $smtpUser:$smtpPass
-H “Topic: $smtpSubject”
-H “From: $fromName <$fromAddress>” -H “To: $toAddress”
-F “=$smtpBody”

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