My ~two months AlphaVPS assessment.

Hello all, trustworthy I am not an individual who will get happy straightforward, nor somebody who mentioned thanks usually to somebody doing his job (as required) ..

So up to now month or so, I made a decision to disregard writing assessment about my final order from AlphaVPS, because it was working as is predicted nothing much less nothing extra..

However a day in the past I attempted to go looking right here and on the web for firm that can give me comparable provide, and even higher ( because the storage weren’t sufficient for me ) , however I discovered none specifically when it associated to CPU requirement that provide has .
Since I exploit that VPS for video changing ( for an video streaming website I’ve )
the changing velocity to excellent ( i used to be attempting to Downscaling and lowering information measurement )
e.g 720p had been changing @1.3x velocity, and AV1 changing velocity had been about the identical for DVD high quality decision and far smaller measurement.

At the moment, I do not personal a high-end laptop computer ( I by no means had ) it processor energy just like laptops core i5 2nd technology, whereas might (low cost) single core Ryzen 7 5800X had been nearly 2 instances quicker

body=22549 fps=394 q=30.0 measurement= 22272kB time=00:15:41.91 bitrate= 193.7kbits/s dup=1 drop=0 velocity=16.5x

My tickets had been replied in couple hours, and all my points had been solved ( billing associated )

The community efficiency had been good, however storage measurement weren’t sufficient for my venture 30GB S I am going to use one other VPS server for file storage.

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