nginx is defaulting to the primary web page that it finds when no SSL in place

This can be a little bit of a catch-22. I am migrating about 9 websites from somebody who’s giving up hosting, and is transferring their shoppers to me. Proper now, I am engaged on one of many migrations. I’ve the wordpress recordsdata and database in place and nginx is all arrange. I am unable to create an ssl certificates with certbot but, as a result of I am not the authority till the proprietor factors the location’s A report at me. No drawback. That is the way it’s imagined to work.Once I try and view the location with http and inform my browser (any of them) to disregard the mismatched cert (as a result of it doern’t exist), as an alternative of with the ability to ignore the certificates mismatch warning and look at the location anyway, nginx serves the primary web site with a certificates alphabetically. So once you go to you get a warning, ignore it, and reveals up as an alternative. Some research tells me that that is by nginx design, and it feels wierd. I do not bear in mind this being a difficulty beneath Apache.As a result of I’ve nginx configured to all the time serve https, I can not seem to make an exception for a single web site. So I am unable to view a web site to ensure it is all migrated accurately earlier than I inform a shopper to flip the swap! I may self-sign, then revoke-delete that cert once I was finished, however that feels cludgy.Has anybody else run into this? What does one do?

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