Raid 1 to raid 10 on sys

I’m making an attempt to put in OS on Raid 10 on sys however failing. (have 4x2TB disks)
Ovh installer by default configure all 4 disks in raid 1.

what i did to this point.
1. I made set up utilizing 2 disks in raid 1 from ovh installer
2. Then added a brand new raid 10 array with lacking disks
3. then tried dd from previous disks to new disks however cannot get it carried out in any respect
4. then I’m misplaced as default installer have lvm additionally put in.

I attempted different technique the place utilizing qemu to put in os instantly on host disk from rescue system after which boot from it however with qemu I am unable to use all 4 disk + cdrom as a result of qemu solely enable 4 ide disks. so solely works if I’ve 2 hdd + cdrom .

-drive file=proxmox-ve_7.2-1.iso,media=cdrom
-hda /dev/sda
-hdb /dev/sdb
-hdc /dev/sdc
-hdd /dev/sdd
-bios /usr/share/ovmf/OVMF.fd
-smp 4 -m 4G
-net nic -net person
-vga std
-vnc localhost:0
-k en-us

what’s greatest option to deal with this example ?

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