OMG you guys are superior! Only a shout out to say thanks! Greatest service I've ever obtained from a supplier. Uncommon I've a problem, however at the moment I did they usually have been on it. And ...
Francisco BUYVM – dissapointed
I ordered a 512 MB slice to get a VPN arrange for torrenting. At first, it was working nice and it did its goal. Afterward, I wanted to get v6 connectivity and needed to arrange a VPN that is v6 ...
BuyVM: 100Mbps @ 4GB and 1000Mps @ 8GB, can be utilized at max velocity on a regular basis?
The title says all of it. I've discovered bits of data right here and there through the years however I've by no means learn a definitive affirmation from @Francisco . My understanding is that ...
BuyVM: Block Storage Slabs: NY availability?
I assume I missed the practice. There are not any slabs obtainable in NY. Any concept when extra will probably be made obtainable? I would want a 1TB slab. Is it like for the VPSes the place ...
BuyVM: Block Storage Slabs used as Object Storage with minio. Dependable? Reliable?
Would you employ such a setup as an alternative of Backblaze B2 if minimizing the dangers of knowledge loss was primordial? I feel I learn the slabs are protected by both RAID-6 or RAID-10. Are the ... - Web Hostings Coupons, Sales, Deals and Discounts