What are some helpful aliases/capabilities you're utilizing in your ~/.bashrc file?

Please share. I will publish right here a few of mine with an outline:

alias ll=”ls -l”
OK this one is well-known (in some distributions it comes preinstalled). It is going to checklist present listing contents in an extended itemizing format. Some folks add different choices to this alias in several mixtures largely from ls -lahtr:
-a will embrace hidden information.
-h will checklist information dimension in human-readable format.
-t will kind checklist by modification time, latest first.
-r will reverse order whereas sorting (when used with -t it should present latest final).

alias h=”historical past”
Will merely output instructions historical past.

alias j=”jobs -l”
Will checklist jobs in your shell.

alias cache=”apt-cache search”
Will search Debian/Ubuntu repository cache for a sample you specify. I hate to kind this command so added an alias for it.

alias sc=”display -dRR”
Will re-attach to the final GNU/display tab you left. An excellent one.

alias pf=”pgrep -fa”
pgrep searches for processes so this operate needs to be adopted by a sample (part of a working program/course of title).
-f will match your sample againt the complete command line which launched the method (reasonably than brief course of title solely).
-a can even output the command line which was used to launch the method (not solely course of numbers). Utilization instance: pf prog
pgrep is usually used earlier than utilizing pkill (which kills the discovered course of). pkill makes use of the identical flags as pgrep.

Bash capabilities:
hh () grep $1 ;
Will grep command historical past, needs to be adopted by a sample as argument. Utilization instance: hh abc

mkcd () { mkdir -p $1 && cd $1 ;}
A mixture of mkdir and cd. Will create a listing and cd into it. Utilization instance: mkcd somedir

lf () { echo “Recordsdata created beneath /root in final $1 minutes:” && discover /root -type f -cmin -$1 -ls ;}
‘lf’ stands for ‘final information’. Will present final information created for instance beneath /root listing (and all its subdirectories) in final X minutes. Must be adopted by a quantity which represents minutes as an argument. Utilization instance: lf 5

supply acd_func.sh
acd_func.sh is a small scrip which can add dir historical past choice to the cd command (however is not going to hurt its unique performance). It is going to permit you to kind cd — to view a numbered checklist of beforehand visited directories and shortly swap to any of them utilizing their quantity utilizing instructions like cd -2, cd -3 and so forth.
acd_func.sh Set up:
wget && mv acd_func.sh /bin && chmod +x /bin/acd_func.sh
After set up it needs to be sourced in bashrc as above.
Reference for acd_func.sh:

You may check all aliases/capabilities earlier than making them everlasting in ~/.bashrc.

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