Wish to print model after maven construct in jenkins in public folder for react app

I’ve a react app for which the jar file is created utilizing pom.xml in jenkins.
The jar file identify is one thing like – appname-1.0.0-20220728.062644-65.jar From above instance, i’m offering 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT as model in pom.xml file,the snapshot worth is being generated from different scripts which isn’t in my management
Now the requirement is ,after the java file is created like with above jar filename, i must output the model – 1.0.0-20220728.062644-65 in an object file underneath public folder like {“model”:”1.0.0-20220728.062644-65″}I’ve tried initially echoing utilizing ant plugin in pom.xml to verify whether or not i’m able to get the entire model, however i simply get 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT echoed,however i want the entire model together with snapshot worth and must be printed as object in several file earlier than pushing the file to deployment.Any concept tips on how to proceed

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